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Working on a project that doesn't quite fit with WELL's current project types and pilots?


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September 26, 2017

WELL tip: All projects in

Are you interested in registering a project that falls outside of WELL's current project types?

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October 10, 2017

All projects in Webcast

Learn how projects that fall outside of WELL’s current project types can pursue certification.

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Then, follow these steps:


Check your project’s eligiblity

Check out the WELL v1 pilots to ensure that your project type is not currently covered.

If you are still unclear if this program is right for your project, please contact IWBI.


Complete and upload the assessment form

Submit the “all projects in” assessment form, following the guidelines in the “Instructions” tab of the assessment form.

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Discuss your project with the IWBI team

Once you complete the assessment, IWBI will set up a call to learn more about your project, answer questions, offer guidance and gather information needed to complete the custom scorecard.


Receive your custom scorecard and pricing

Once IWBI has all necessary information, we will provide a final scorecard to the project team within 10-15 business days - alongside custom pricing for the project.


Register your project

Now, you’re ready to make your WELL registration status official. After you’ve paid the invoice, IWBI will register your project on behalf of your team.

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