Make A New Year's Resolution You Can Keep

Make A New Year's Resolution You Can Keep

02 Dec 2016
Rick Fedrizzi

I’m so excited to be taking the helm at the International WELL Building Institute. I’ve long believed that sustainability and health are synonymous, and I’m looking forward to focusing our work in a way that makes an unassailable case for how our buildings can be a huge contributor to improving our health across every dimension.

I learned long ago that it takes an army of committed and passionate advocates if we want to see real progress. One of the fastest ways we can build the army is to encourage practitioners of all kinds — architects, designers, engineers and others — to become WELL APs. I’m encouraging you to register before the end of the year, and to make a New Year’s resolution to sit for the exam as early as you can in 2017.

A WELL AP credential has the potential to open up new avenues of opportunity that can enhance your career and advance health and well-being as an important determinant in how we advocate for the people in the buildings we design, construct and maintain. To help you keep your resolution, we are releasing today a FREE 30-day study plan that includes instructions on how to register for the exam, and information on key resources that will help you study and get started. It’s a New Year’s resolution you can easily keep!

We’ve spent the last two decades advancing our sustainability knowledge to achieve market transformation in buildings and communities everywhere. In 2017, I’m really looking forward to adding human transformation to our to-do lists, too.

-- Rick Fedrizzi