WELL: October 2016 quarterly addenda

WELL: October 2016 quarterly addenda

26 Oct 2016

The IWBI team is pleased to share the October 2016 quarterly WELL Building Standard v1 addenda:

Addenda are changes and improvements to the WELL Building Standard to help clarify, correct, interpret or provide alternative language for requirements. Learn more about our addenda process and timeline.

Among the addenda updates this quarter, we are excited to introduce feature intents for all 105 features within the WELL Building Standard, which provide additional clarity and an outcomes-focused purpose for each WELL feature. We are also proud to debut 28 international equivalencies, which support the global implementation and advancement of WELL.

We’ve included more information below on key components of the October 2016 addenda release. To learn more about the addenda process and details surrounding the technical changes included in this round, register for our upcoming webinar on Nov. 2, 2016 at 1 p.m. ET.

Have questions? Registered projects can reach out to their WELL Assessor, and all others should contact the technical team behind WELL at technical@wellcertified.com.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the WELL Building Standard and your contributions to its development.

October 2016 addenda highlights:

Alternative Adherence Paths and International Equivalencies
Ten new alternative adherence paths have been published this quarter. The alternative adherence paths include two new approaches for Feature 5 – Air Filtration, three new approaches for Feature 8 – Healthy Entrance, and approaches for five additional features.

Twenty-eight equivalencies have been published for the following regions:


  • Feature 3 (Ventilation Effectiveness)
  • Feature 4 (VOC Reduction)
  • Feature 7 (Construction Pollution Management)
  • Feature 14 (Air Infiltration Management)
  • Feature 15 (Increased Ventilation)
  • Feature 56 (Electric Light Glare Control)
  • Feature 62 (Daylight Modeling)
  • Feature 72 (Accessible Design)
  • Feature 76 (Thermal Comfort)
  • Feature 86 (Post Occupancy Surveys)


  • Feature 72 (Accessible Design)

East Asia:

  • Feature 72 (Accessible Design)


  • Feature 3 (Ventilation Effectiveness)
  • Feature 40 (Food Allergies)
  • Feature 43 (Artificial Ingredients)
  • Feature 44 (Nutritional Information)
  • Feature 72 (Accessible Design)


  • Feature 4 (VOC Reduction)
  • Feature 5 (Air Filtration)
  • Feature 55 (Electric Light Glare Control)
  • Feature 86 (Post-Occupancy Surveys)

117 new corrections have been published this quarter for the WELL Building Standard. Significant corrections include the following:

  • For all 105 features, the feature intent has been clarified under the feature description.
  • Feature 64 (Interior Fitness Circulation) has been updated such that certain requirements only apply to projects of 2-4 floors.
    • This recognizes that certain requirements of Feature 64 were applicable only to projects of 2-4 floors, and that other feature requirements would be a challenge for very tall buildings. For these reasons, all parts of Feature 64 have been unified to apply as a precondition for low-rise structures only. Tall projects currently pursuing Feature 64 can receive credit for it as an optimization, by submitting it as an Innovation feature.
  • Clarification surrounding the WELL project boundary definition have been published.

Verification Type
Ten verification types have been updated, primarily clarifying which features are considered organizational protocol.

One new WELL interpretation has been published. Additional information regarding the required quarterly water testing for Feature 35 – Periodic Water Quality Testing has been provided.