WELL贴士:在团队中增加一名WELL AP,可为您的认证项目加分


WELL贴士:在团队中增加一名WELL AP,可为您的认证项目加分

Monday, March 13, 2017
/ By:
Karen Quintana

Do you have a WELL AP on your WELL project team? Good news: this enables you to earn an Innovation feature, which can help you increase your project’s score and achieve higher levels of WELL Certification. Simply submit the Innovation feature with your documentation submission.

Recognizing the growing WELL AP community through Innovation features in WELL underscores the value that they bring to WELL projects. The WELL AP credential denotes expertise in the WELL Building Standard, and is earned after a rigorous exam process with continuing education requirements. WELL APs are at the forefront of advancing health and wellness in buildings and communities; we believe their presence on a WELL project team is a game-changer that can benefit project planning, outcomes and overall WELL achievement efforts.

You can learn more about how WELL AP and WELL Faculty member Jennifer Berthelot-Jelovic puts her credential into action in her sustainability consulting practice.

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