Advancing global sustainability at Greenbuild China

Advancing global sustainability at Greenbuild China

Monday, November 6, 2017
/ By:
Jamie Matos


Since the onset of the healthy building movement, China has been a global leader in embracing health and well-being as core to its development. That’s why when we travelled from New York to Shanghai to participate in Greenbuild China, we were beyond excited to meet with the industry leaders who are the driving forces behind this advancement. As the first Greenbuild in the region, the people who convened in Shanghai for those two days are truly leading the charge in the green building movement throughout Asia. And for a smaller group of attendees in a relatively new market, they certainly already have a lot to celebrate.

As IWBI CEO Rick Fedrizzi presented the conference keynote, he highlighted some of the numbers. With up to two billion square meters constructed annually, China’s building industry will account for nearly half of new construction globally in the next ten years. It’s clear that China’s embrace of sustainable building design will play a critical role in the future of both our planet and people. One of the recurring topics of the day was China's 13th Five-Year Plan, a large part of which speaks to human health and wellness and the powerful role the real estate, building and design community can play. With plans to improve infrastructure, improve air quality, and create new jobs in urban areas, the nation is set on a path for success.

As we build upon current measures to protect the environment and apply WELL as a global tool to advance and enhance human health and wellness, China will continue to be a critical global leader. Greenbuild China made evident that the industry is bridging efforts between the first and now second wave of sustainability. The tremendous achievements by project teams across the country and the commitment of each and every sector has already created innovative buildings and communities that are not only meeting WELL but green rating systems as well – effectively setting the stage for a more sustainable future for all.

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