Ask the Experts: Megan Whelan on portion sizes

Ask the Experts: Megan Whelan on portion sizes

Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Megan Whelan

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I tend to eat too much at each meal. What can I do to control my portion size and prevent this?

When it comes to choosing what to eat and drink during the day, we are often faced with overwhelming choice and temptation. This is a particular challenge in the workplace where we are often mentally overloaded and distracted, with reduced capacity (and willpower) to focus on optimal food choices. What if we could adapt our physical surroundings to make these healthy eating choices instinctive and easy, taking the battle out of food-related decision-making? Set yourself up for success! It takes a little bit of planning but everyone can do it. Try setting your meal times during the day (away from your desk is ideal, if possible) where you can limit distractions and focus just on eating. If you struggle to decide what foods to eat it can be helpful to write a list of your favourite healthy snacks and have a supply of them on hand, maybe even portioned for each day of the week to avoid overeating. It is safe to say that everyone could benefit from including more vegetables in their meals each day so why not use snacks as an opportunity to get more into your day?


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