Ask the Experts: Tom Bosna on physical activity in your daily routine

Ask the Experts: Tom Bosna on physical activity in your daily routine

Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Tom Bosna

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I feel like I don’t have time to exercise during the week, how can I incorporate physical activity into my daily routine?

Firstly, schedule movement into your calendar just as you would a work meeting or a social event and make it a priority. Movement breaks before, during and after work are essential for enhanced performance and wellbeing.

Follow these three work-week movement hacks:

  1. If you commute to work on a train - get off one stop earlier and walk - walking for a minimum 30 mins at a moderate pace will make you more productive for the rest of the day!
  2. Replace your coffee meeting with a brisk walking meeting (with water)
  3. Set at minimum 3 x 10 minute movement breaks into your calendar in the office. During this time walk, stretch or meditate to enhance performance and productivity as well as reducing sitting time.

For the 3 hacks to be most effective you need to forget time management and replace it with energy management. Schedule it in, execute with ease and enjoy the process.

Once you have completed the above for one month - increase walking distances and encourage your colleagues to join in the movement breaks.


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With over a decade of experience in Corporate Wellness as a Physiotherapist, wellness consultant and business owner of Pinnacle Health Group, Tom has a well-rounded perspective on the future of work and the importance of evidence-based wellness programs have in shaping healthier communities.