Ask the Experts: Tom Bosna on workplace wellness programs

Ask the Experts: Tom Bosna on workplace wellness programs

Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Tom Bosna

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We’d like to make the case for an increased budget for physical activity subsidies and offerings in our workplace wellness program, what can we do to help make the case to our leadership team?

Workplace wellness programmes are effective when leadership teams not only invest financially, but alsoparticipate in the programme themselves.

In order to achieve engagement from leadership teams for subsidised physical activity offerings I would suggest you point out three main benefits with precision:

  1. Presenteeism is the loss of productivity that occurs when employees come to work but are not fully functioning due to illness or injury. Physical activity incentives will reduce presenteeism and reduce the financial costs of illness within the business.
  2. Engagement - Leadership teams can expect higher levels of engagement with staff who are more physically active. This in turn, creates a dynamic culture that can feed into greater staff retention and enhanced company profile (not to mention the health benefits for the workplace).
  3. Productivity - Leadership teams want staff to be more engaged and productive. With encouraged physical activity - businesses can expect their staff to work smarter and achieve improved results.

Once the commercial and health benefits are understood by the leadership team - it is time to find the wellbeing champions in your leadership team.

A wellbeing champion is someone who is regularly physically active, understands mindfulness and has seen the benefit of wellbeing programmes within the business or at a different company. Wellbeing champions within the leadership team are essential to drive engagement and a cultural shift to wellbeing. Good luck!


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With over a decade of experience in Corporate Wellness as a Physiotherapist, wellness consultant and business owner of Pinnacle Health Group, Tom has a well-rounded perspective on the future of work and the importance of evidence-based wellness programs have in shaping healthier communities.