Get to know WELL: What is WELL certification?

Get to know WELL: What is WELL certification?

Monday, October 12, 2015
/ By:
Madeleine Evans

WELL Certification

Wondering how to achieve WELL certification for your building? The WELL certification process involves a Documentation Review step similar to LEED certification, along with an on-site Performance Verification performed by a WELL Assessor.

Here are the basic steps in the process:

  1. First, register your project on WELL Online by entering basic project information, agreeing to the terms and conditions and paying the registration fee. This signals GBCI that you are ready to move forward with your project.
  1. WELL coaching contact: once your project is registered, IWBI will assign a WELL coaching contact who will reach out to your team to help provide support through the certification process.
  1. Gather your project information and prepare your submittal documentation. During this time, work with your WELL AP and/or sustainability consultant to compile the necessary documentation for each feature, as described in the WELL Verification Matrix included in the WELL Building Standard. For any technical questions that cannot be answered by your WELL AP or sustainability consultant, your WELL coaching contact is an excellent resource.
  1. Submit your project for the Documentation Review in WELL Online. This process is similar to the LEED process, with two rounds of review—a preliminary review and a final review. Because many requirements are verified on site during Performance Verification, this documentation application is streamlined and primarily includes annotated design documents and letters of assurance. The Documentation Review is completed by your WELL Assessor.
  1. Once your documentation has been approved, it is time to contact your WELL Assessor to schedule the next step in the certification process, the on-site WELL Performance Verification.
  1. The Performance Verification requires your WELL Assessor to visit your project site and perform a series of performance tests, inspections and spot checks. They will use specialized equipment to collect information on various aspects of air quality, water quality, acoustics and lighting. The WELL Assessor will also visually verify design elements of the building. The data collected on site will be analyzed to determine the certification results.
  1. Once the Performance Verification is complete, your WELL Assessor will prepare and issue the final WELL Report, which contains the overall certification results for the project. Projects that meet all of the WELL Preconditions and Optimizations attempted will be certified. Projects that do not pass all the Precondition requirements, and/or earn insufficient points to achieve desired certification level, will have the opportunity to implement a curative action plan and request a follow-up Performance Verification.

To learn more, see the WELL Certification Guidebook, which provides additional details about each step in this certification process. You may also contact us with specific questions.