Industry leadership collective paves the way to a healthier tomorrow

Industry leadership collective paves the way to a healthier tomorrow

Thursday, July 12, 2018

WELL Concepts

Pundits will remind you that it takes a village, and in the case of the evolution of WELL that couldn’t be more true. So IWBI is delighted to announce the formation of nine concept advisories – nine fully dedicated, fully empowered and forward-thinking teams of practitioners, advocates and experts in all aspects of buildings and their relation to human health – to assist in the further development and ongoing implementation of WELL v2.

IWBI’s nine concept advisories have been designed to align with the roster of 10 concepts that remain fundamental to the next generation of WELL v2. The nine WELL concept advisories are: Air & Thermal Comfort (combining two concepts into a single, interrelated advisory), Water, Nourishment, Light, Movement, Sound, Materials, Mind and Community.  

These teams of concept advisors will work with the IWBI Standard Development team to help inform the ongoing evolution of WELL by identifying key opportunities for enhancing its application across a wide range of space types and regions, while also highlighting emerging areas of research and innovation.

IWBI President Rachel Gutter states, “Each advisory boasts an A-list of leaders in their respective fields and embraces a diverse mix of minds, experiences, perspectives and regional sensibilities. They are the rocket fuel for taking WELL to the next level and we are deeply grateful for their time and interest in helping us advance both the rating system and the movement.”

The WELL concept advisors are volunteers, each of whom will serve at least one full year in that position, which began in June 2018 and will last until June of 2019. The breadth of expertise represented in the combined concept advisor roster of 150+ professionals spans some 20 countries around the globe. Advisors hail from New York, London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Sydney, Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai and Addis Ababa, not to mention many points in between.

All advisors are global leaders in human wellness who not only embody the depth and diversity of the WELL community, both personally and professionally, but who have often incorporated many key tenets of WELL into their everyday lives, as triathletes, yoga instructors, mindful leaders and civic activists.

“We’re really looking forward to working with our new concept advisors,” Gutter said, “and helping them help us make sure WELL continues to align itself with the latest industry research, meet the ever-changing needs of the user marketplace, and set the bar for healthy, high-performing buildings and communities and for industry leadership.”