Introducing the "Welcome to WELL" toolkit

Introducing the "Welcome to WELL" toolkit

Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Jessica Cooper

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Welcome to WELL

The premier standard for implementing, validating and measuring building features that support and advance human health and wellness, WELL delivers spaces where people can thrive. Through thoughtful and safe material selection, optimal air quality, circadian lighting and much more, WELL Certified buildings and spaces deliver an array of benefits to all who step inside. As demonstrated by our global network of WELL projects, every person benefits just by being in a WELL Certified space where the healthy choice is the easy choice, even the default choice.

Projects have the opportunity to gain even more by actively promoting the health and wellness design elements, programs and policies in their space. By deploying simple messages and tips, you can help your staff and visitors extract the most good from your WELL project, and enable them to further engage with the benefits available to them. Providing this knowledge helps create even healthier people and communities.

Welcome to WELL! A new resource to maximize impact.

To support you in this effort, we have created a new resource that can be used to educate your staff, visitors and other individuals on the WELL features in your space. The comprehensive “Welcome to WELL” toolkit is designed to help you extract the greatest benefit from your space as well as publicize your significant achievement!

Available to all WELL registered and WELL Certified projects, the toolkit includes:

  • A “getting started” guide

  • A list of “WELL feature facts” that the company can use in a variety of marketing and communications materials

  • Two fully designed emails that can be sent to staff

  • A template for making all wellness amenities accessible to staff

  • Ready-to-print interior signage and posters related to WELL concepts and features, plus a print specifications guide

  • Ready-to-print (or e-distribute) flyer

Welcome to WELL is designed for flexibility, allowing you to curate an approach that works best for your space and your audience. You may choose to use the toolkit in its entirety, or utilize the components that are most helpful to your corporate communications strategy. Registered projects can jumpstart their certification journey with our comprehensive marketing and communications package to increase awareness and knowledge of your building’s connection to health and commitment to WELL. Certified projects can make use of the ready-to-use resources to help educate and engage individuals in your building around the WELL features that were achieved. No matter how it’s implemented, this extensive resource helps you maximize and celebrate your commitment to WELL and ultimate achievement of WELL Certification.

Consider these effective ways of unfolding the toolkit in your space:

  • Create a bold visual impression by printing and displaying the interior signage that will help your staff and visitors get to know the new wellness features in their space.

  • Reinforce the personal benefits by launching an email campaign using our designed templates which summarize the wellness programming in your space.

  • Enhance your regular staff communications by integrating the “WELL feature facts” within existing newsletters to share a new feature fact with each edition!

When you pursue WELL Certification, you’re guaranteed best-in-class customer service and support. As such, we are constantly striving to find new ways to provide value to our project teams. The Welcome to WELL toolkit was inspired by the notion that knowledge brings power. These resources make it easy to give knowledge, providing each individual with the power to get the most out of their new wellness benefits, so that you can get the most out of your commitment to WELL!

Learn more about how you can leverage this powerful resource today.




As Chief Commercial Officer at the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), Jessica oversees the end-to-end customer experience with WELL, helping project teams around the world enhance human health and wellness through the built environment.