Introducing WELL Precertification

Introducing WELL Precertification

Friday, September 30, 2016
/ By:
Lindsay Gilbert

WELL Certification

IWBI is pleased to announce the release of WELL Precertification. WELL Precertification is a new certification tool that allows project owners to:

  • Demonstrate leadership in health and wellness

  • Market the proposed wellness features of a project to potential tenants looking to occupy the WELL-certified space

  • Determine which features the project is likely to achieve during the full WELL certification review

Precertification is an optional review pathway available to all project typologies. The Precertification review is focused on the intended design, construction and operational strategies for the project. During the review stage, the project receives feedback on the proposed wellness strategies. Projects that meet the requirements for Precertification receive a formal WELL Precertification level and certificate award.

For additional details about WELL Precertification refer to the WELL Precertification worksheet and send questions to your coaching contact or contact us.