Introducing the WELLographies: The why behind WELL

Introducing the WELLographies: The why behind WELL

Wednesday, July 19, 2017
/ By:
Vienna McLeod

WELL Concepts

The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) is excited to announce our newest resource: the WELLographies. These digital resources are compilations of the scientific and human health research that underscores how and why our buildings and environments can impact health & well-being.

WELLographies are truly the why behind the WELL Building Standard™ (WELL), written by our very own healthy building aficionados, reviewed by experts, and delivered right to your iOS or Android devices - they align to the seven concepts behind the WELL Building Standard and help you dig deeper into the meaning behind WELL’s focus areas.

Take it from one of their early users:

“... when a client asks you why they should do something, you can really give them a good idea of the many ways our normal environments have been limiting our abilities.”

- Survey respondent

Here’s how the WELLographies can support you throughout your WELL journey;

New to the healthy building industry? Use the WELLographies to gain a deeper understanding of the intricate link between our health and the built environment.

Already a healthy building expert and working on WELL projects? Use the WELLographies to help identify health and wellness priorities for your projects.

On the path to WELL Certification and feeling brave? Use the WELLographies to inspire innovation and craft creative solutions to advance the health and wellness mission of your project.

Completed WELL Certification and ready to welcome tenants? The first edition of WELLographies are available to everyone, for free. Share them with your tenants and use them as an education vehicle.

Have a WELLness skeptic on your team? Now you’re equipped with a deeper understanding of health, wellness, and the built environment to make a stronger case for the why of WELL.

Over the next several months we’ll be rolling out each of the nine WELLographies: Air, Materials, Water, Light, Nourishment, Fitness, Acoustics, Thermal and Mind. The expansion from seven to nine concepts is our way of bringing laser focus to the strategies and topics that help us all to create better buildings and better environments.

We all stand to benefit from understanding how our buildings and spaces impact our daily routines, health and overall well-being. To get started, download, our new WELL app, Build WELL and check out the WELLographies as they are released throughout the summer.

Vienna is an Associate on the Standard Development team and the resident Fitness expert at IWBI. Vienna’s contributions to IWBI draw upon her background in public health epidemiology, research methods, and exercise physiology. This summer, you can find Vienna and her dog out for runs in Central Park.