Reflections from Greenbuild 2017

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Reflections from Greenbuild 2017

Thursday, December 21, 2017
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Esther Mathieu

Industry Insights

This November, sustainability and wellness professionals gathered for Greenbuild in Boston to celebrate the intersection of human health and environmental sustainability in buildings and communities across the world. There we connected with hundreds of WELL APs, design experts and key partners to talk about how healthy buildings are paving the way forward in sustainability and design. Check out the interviews below for insight into what WELL means to our growing community.


For Zach Craun, WELL AP and Associate at COOKFOX Architects, the healthy building movement is all about the next generation. His investment in healthy building starts with his hopes for his daughter and other kids her age. Watch the interview to learn more about what he thinks is up next in healthy building design.


Randy Fiser, CEO of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), talks about the synergy between ASID and WELL and interior design’s deep connection to creating spaces that improve human health. “The communal spaces that are created by designers really can transform a human being and improve who they are and how they’re feeling about their lives.”


For Rachel Gutter, wellness is a personal commitment. As an undergraduate at Tufts, she helped lead the school’s first ever wellness dorm challenge. Now, as IWBI’s Chief Product Officer, she brings her personal commitments to health, wellness, sustainability and equity to the development of WELL v2 and all her work with the Standard Development team.


Healthier people are more satisfied, better engaged and happier — and that’s good for business, too! Jessica Cooper, Chief Commercial Officer at IWBI, talks about the universality of wellness, and the ways in which healthy buildings take care not only of their inhabitants’ bodies and minds, but also their businesses’ bottom lines.


Jennifer Taranto, Director of Sustainability at Structure Tone, speaks about the challenges and rewards of pursuing WELL certification for her company’s new offices, and the standout features of their new space. “I think food is an important piece of the puzzle because it tells the people that are in the space that we care about them--I think the best way to show somebody that you care about them is by giving them great food, and I think they really feel that at the end of the day.”


For Jennifer Berthelot-Jelovic, President and CEO of A SustainAble Production, becoming a WELL AP was a natural extension of the wellness practices central to her personal life. WELL helps her bring her personal passions into the professional world and teach others about health and sustainability.