Showcase your WELL AP Credential

Showcase your WELL AP Credential

Tuesday, May 17, 2016
/ By:
Julie Skodowski


WELL Accredited Professionals (WELL AP™) are an exclusive group with demonstrated expertise in an exciting and growing field. The credential signifies extensive knowledge of human health and wellness in the built environment, and the WELL Building Standard™. But once a person is accredited, how can they promote their new knowledge?

IWBI encourages WELL APs to showcase their commitment to improving health and wellness in the built environment in the following ways:

  • Announce their WELL AP credential to the media. A template press release with approved language is available to download through each WELL AP’s WELL Online account along with a credential logo.
  • Include “WELL AP” in their email signature line or business card (example: John Smith, WELL AP).
  • Help IWBI grow the global WELL community over social media. Sample posts are provided below.

Key Handles and Hashtags @WELLcertified #WELLAP #WELLBuildingStandard #WeAreWELL





Twitter [employee name, title] has earned their #WELLAP credential! @WELLcertified #WeAreWELL Congratulations to all those who are now WELL Accredited Professionals #WELLAP! @WELLcertified

Facebook/LinkedIn Our WELL AP employees are among industry leaders who are committed to health & wellness in building design and specialization in WELL.


Twitter I just passed my #WELLAP exam! @WELLcertified #WeAreWELL

Facebook/LinkedIn I just passed my #WELLAP exam! Congrats to all the new WELL Accredited Professionals!