Thank you & WELL wishes

Thank you & WELL wishes

Wednesday, December 20, 2017
/ By:
Rick Fedrizzi

Letters from Rick


The health and wellness movement has really come into its own this year, thanks to the hard work and deep conviction of the thousands of corporate leaders, experts, scientists and public health professionals who understand the huge contribution that healthy, engaged people make to our world.

Here at IWBI, we've tapped into that community with tremendous enthusiasm, and along with our amazing team of staff, ignited a second wave of sustainability that uses our buildings and communities as wellness tools to help people thrive.

Our progress shows up across all of our metrics.

We’ve doubled our square footage of registered space since this time last year and now have projects in 31 countries across the globe.  

We’ve more than quadrupled our number of certified projects, and in doing so began to smooth out some of the speedbumps that are part and parcel of creating functional market transformation tools.

We introduced the WELL Community StandardTM pilot and we’re finding tremendous interest in how not just buildings but the connected spaces between them can contribute to better health.

We’re closing in on more than 4,500 accredited and soon-to-be accredited WELL APs, creating an army of advocates who are not just designers and architects, but also human resource professionals and corporate wellness experts, public health practitioners and policy-makers.

We’ve assembled a world-class team of experts and researchers who have been taking WELL’s first version and adapting it with ideas and inspirations that you’ve brought to the table as ways to help us move further faster. And we’ve expanded our technical coaching, improved our processes, and made huge progress on establishing WELL as the leading global brand for improving buildings and communities so people can thrive.

Just wanted to let you know that we couldn’t have done it without your support and engagement, your encouragement and your advice.

So here at year end, on behalf of all of us at IWBI, I want to thank you for your partnership. We all share a vision that health is a human right, and that our buildings can be transformed not only into more efficient physical plants that help protect the planet, but public health intervention tools that advance human health and well-being.

Happy holidays to you and yours and WELL wishes for a prosperous New Year!