Three Ways to Further Global Health and Wellness with WELL

Three Ways to Further Global Health and Wellness with WELL

Monday, May 9, 2016
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Madeleine Evans

WELL Certification

Healthier indoor spaces, buildings and communities for all—that’s the vision of WELL. In order to realize this, IWBI is focused on making WELL's Concepts accessible around the world. We are working to ensure that projects everywhere can implement features in the WELL Building Standard™, since important local characteristics, from climate to customs, play a central role in strategic building design and function.

In order to achieve this vision of a functional, global wellness standard, we need the insights and expertise of our community and fellow practitioners who are building smart, modern and health-focused spaces around the world – you. We invite you to help us further global health and wellness through WELL in the following ways:

  • Share your findings. We are currently conducting analyses all over the world to determine local equivalencies that fulfill the intent of WELL features. If you have done a gap analysis for your own project, share your findings with us at
  • Join an advisory council. We are establishing local advisory councils to review the findings from the gap analysis process, and to identify, develop and peer review equivalencies and solutions. Interested in taking part and playing a hand in shaping the future of WELL? Contact us at
  • Collaborate with us. If your project needs assistance implementing a local feature in WELL, connect with us. We believe there’s much to learn from real-world project examples, and we look forward to identifying solutions with you. We have already received over 100 real world examples and we look forward to continuing to connect with you on this!


IWBI’s quarterly addenda process for WELL will reflect the findings of our gap/analyses and local advisory councils to better equip project teams with the information they need to ensure healthy buildings are a global priority. We are also actively improving the overall technology, infrastructure and usability of WELL in every corner of the planet, and on every device— from accessing WELL resources on your mobile phone in Mumbai to reviewing the WELL Building Standard from your office in Maryland.

We are thrilled to advance WELL’s global journey with your input and leadership, and welcome your feedback as we continue our mission to put healthy buildings on the map.

For more information about building WELL around the world, please read From Tampa to Brisbane: Four Buildings That Prove the Future of Global Buildings is WELL.

Paul Scialla is founder of the International WELL Building Institute.