WELL Building Standard v1 Addenda Update: February 2016

WELL Building Standard v1 Addenda Update: February 2016

Friday, February 12, 2016
/ By:
Rachel Gutter

Press Release

The first quarterly WELL Building Standard v1 addenda for 2016 is now available. To view these changes:


Addenda are changes and improvements to the WELL Building Standard to help clarify, correct, interpret or provide alternative language for requirements.

Interpretations One new WELL interpretation has been published regarding VOC reduction requirements. The scope of newly installed products and materials in Feature 4: VOC Reduction has been defined as all products and materials applied or installed within one year of WELL project registration. More specifics can be found in the addenda.

Corrections Seventeen new corrections have been published this quarter for the WELL Building Standard. The definition of WELL Core & Shell Compliance has been updated, as has the language for several different features. Feature 3: Ventilation Effectiveness now has updated language to define the spaces applicable under Part 2.

Verification Type Thirty-seven updates have been made to the verification requirements for various features, particularly within the Air concept. The individual responsible for signing off on a Letter of Assurance has been updated to better reflect the competency of the individual and their role on the WELL project during design and construction. Many of the verification types have changed to be more appropriate for the feature requirements.