WELL educated @ Greenbuild 2017

WELL educated @ Greenbuild 2017

Wednesday, October 18, 2017
/ By:
Mckayla Couacaud


What exactly is a healthy building?

At IWBI, the teams behind WELL are committed to empowering the community to be agents of public health through building design. Through several educational initiatives, IWBI is raising awareness on the science behind WELL, its guiding principles, and practical implementation strategies. In short, IWBI has opened the doors for you to learn not only what a healthy building is, but exactly how our environments can support your health and well-being.

At Greenbuild 2018, let our teams from Technical Solutions, Standard Development, and Business Development make WELL relatable and human sustainability transparent. On Wednesday and Thursday, we’ll be hosting booth-side sessions in the IWBI lounge, as well as two Lunch & Learn sessions in the Applied Learning Area.

Pop by the lounge on Wednesday at 10:15 am for the Wake Up with WELL coffee bar and stay for a sneak peek at the next evolution of WELL. Launching in 2018, WELL v2 is the second iteration of the WELL Building Standard, the premier global standard for advancing health and well-being in buildings and communities. The Standard Development team will be discussing some key enhancements, including expanded Concepts and Features, a dynamic scoring system, a novel pathway for existing buildings, the launch of WELL Portfolio, and more.

Our Lunch and Learn sessions provide opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of an aspect of WELL, all while enjoying a healthy lunch snack. At Wednesday’s session, green building practitioners are invited to learn from our experience in ‘Happy, Healthy People – A Wellness Charette.' Using solution-focused problem solving, presenters will outline challenges projects have faced during WELL Certification and how they overcame them. Presenters will speak from their experience as internal and external consultants, as well as a WELL Assessor and a WELL AP. A breakout activity focusing on client conversations will address the role of the WELL AP, performance verification, and developing AAPs.

Our final Lunch & Learn session, ‘Why WELL? The Proof is in the People’, on Thursday will highlight the business case for WELL. Using case studies from WELL Certified projects, Arup Boston and Structure Tone NYC, project representatives will outline their insights, speak to their challenges and ultimately showcase their successes with WELL. Positioning the case studies will be a brief introduction to the WELL Building Standard and guided breakout discussions.

And, if you’re a WELL AP looking for a deeper dive into all things WELL, join us for our first-ever live WELL AP meet-up, taking place booth-side on Thursday. Drop in for the Mid-day Matcha at 2.30pm and be present for an exciting announcement (clue: a new partnership is coming) and participate in activities with our new app, Build WELL. We’re also taking full advantage of the live setting to take attendees on an interactive journey through the WELLographies and the digital WELL Standard; exploring real-world project scenarios and bringing the WELL Concepts to life in new and surprising ways, only at Greenbuild.

Whether you’re a green building consultant, a lighting designer or architect, a WELL AP, or just want to learn more about what healthy building means, join us at Greenbuild and help lead the way towards a fully sustainable future.

McKayla Couacaud serves on the Education team at the International WELL Building Institute. Previously a teacher at a specialized online school in Australia, she holds a Master of Teaching degree from Melbourne University, where she studied secondary education with a focus on whole school well-being. A native of Australia, McKayla is interested in DIY pursuits and contributing to community projects in her adopted neighborhood of Brooklyn.​