WELL story: Martha McInnis, Design Director, TD Bank Group


WELL story: Martha McInnis, Design Director, TD Bank Group

Saturday, February 11, 2017
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Lindsay Gilbert

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Fostering a culture of wellness where employees are inspired to take action and make wellness an integral part of their personal and professional mindsets is key to the success of any corporate wellness program. We sat down with Martha McInnis, TD Bank Group’s Design Director, to find out how WELL has transformed everything from her own personal running goals to TD’s workplace culture.

How did you get involved in the WELL building movement? What personal/professional significance does it have for you?

We pursued WELL Certification because a commitment to building an extraordinary workplace is one of the main pillars of our corporate social responsibility program. We view WELL as way to demonstrate our vested interest in the health of every TD Bank employee. It’s been really interesting to watch our employees benefit from their new space and embrace a culture that prioritizes health and wellness. WELL Certification has inspired our employees to live their wellness values and to go beyond the physical features of their work space by participating in health fairs, and organizing initiatives like fruit and veggie Wednesdays, and walk-and-talk meetings.

From a health and wellness perspective, what are some of the most inspiring or exciting trends you’re seeing in the corporate wellness/buildings industry?

The WELL Building Standard is really inspiring because it empowers design, construction and real estate professionals to become agents of public health, and to create spaces that foster better environments for occupants and their personal health and well-being. WELL is also unique when compared to other building standards because it requires performance verification, or a way to ensure that the measures and features of the standard are being met.

What does the future of WELL and the healthy buildings movement look like, from your perspective?

The healthy building movement is evolving really quickly, and I think we will see it grow even faster than the green building movement did. People have a strong personal connection to wellness which I think will really help to drive momentum. I’m excited to see what we can accomplish over the next five to ten years.

How do you incorporate wellness into your life and routine? What does wellness mean to you?

Becoming a WELL AP and a leader of a WELL Certification project inspired my own life at home. WELL became a personal catalyst for me because it made me think: How can I go out into the world and talk about this if I’m not living it on my own? It actually inspired me to start running, and over the course of the TD 23 project I ran two 10-mile races and a half marathon.