WELL Tip: Navigating the skybridge tool

WELL Tip: Navigating the skybridge tool

Thursday, August 30, 2018

WELL Certification
WELL Skybridge

With the launch of the new WELL v2™ Pilot, there has been increasing interest in how a project registered under one version of WELL can potentially utilize feature language from the other version to achieve certification.

To help answer those questions, we have released a new skybridge tool with approved feature language substitutions between WELL v1 and WELL v2 features and / or feature parts. The skybridge tool addresses three scenarios, described below.

Substitution of WELL v2 features and/or parts for WELL v1 features

Within Table 1 (page 5), we have outlined what language from WELL v2 features and/or parts can be substituted for WELL v1 features. Any project registered under WELL v1 can use these substitutions.

Use of WELL v2 Features as innovations for projects registered in WELL v1

There are a number of entirely new features and feature parts in WELL v2 that were not included within WELL v1. These can now be used by WELL v1 projects as innovation features. Please note that some features require all parts to be met in order for the innovation to be awarded and others only certain parts need to be met in order to achieve the innovation. While v2 projects can achieve 10 points for innovations, v1 projects are still limited to achieving 5 innovation features.

One Innovation to highlight is WELL v2 feature I05 Green Building Rating Systems. WELL v1 projects can now achieve one Innovation by meeting this WELL v2 feature. IWBI recognizes the importance of green building and policies aimed at reducing the environmental impact of buildings. These can contribute significantly to the advancement of human health at both the building and community scale. The environment itself can act as a mechanism to promote and reinforce health by providing fresh air, clean water, affordable and accessible food and green spaces for physical activity and social connection. This new opportunity for WELL v1 projects rewards those that balance a commitment to environmental sustainability with a commitment to human health.

Substitution of WELL v1 Features for projects upgrading to WELL v2

Projects that have registered under WELL v1 by August 20, 2018 and chosen to upgrade to WELL v2 are permitted to comply with select WELL v1 feature language in order to meet corresponding WELL v2 features and /or feature parts. Within Table 3 (page 10), we have outlined which WELL v1 features are deemed equivalent to corresponding WELL v2 features.

When using the tool, here are a couple important items to note:

  • When projects use the skybridge tool substitutions, projects are required to use a complete substitution of feature / part language and performance verification methods, unless otherwise noted in the tool.
  • The team must indicate in their preliminary documentation submission in WELL Online if they are using the tool and which features / parts they are using the tool for.
  • The substitutions do not impact whether a feature is an optimization or precondition in the WELL version that a project is certifying under, only the requirements and verification methods.
  • A full set of guidelines is located in the tool guidance section.

Questions? Please reach out to technical@wellcertified.com.