New WELL Project types

Working on a project that doesn't quite fit with WELL's current project types and pilots? Start here.

This form is for project teams who are interested in pursuing WELL Certification for a building type that does not align with one of our current project types or pilot programs (New and Existing Buildings; New and Existing Interiors; Core and Shell; Retail (Pilot); Multifamily Residential (Pilot); Education (Pilot); Restaurant (Pilot); Commercial Kitchen (Pilot)). IWBI is interested in working with all projects - this form enables us to assess your unique project and assist you in next steps toward a customized WELL program solution.

The IWBI team will assess your completed form and follow up with you directly. We will then be able to advise on next steps on how best to proceed with WELL for your project.

Once you've completed the form, please upload it below.