Please note, this page provides pricing information on WELL v1. For pricing for WELL v2, please visit our WELL v2 pricing page

What's included: The value of WELL

In addition to WELL's meaningful ROI proposition, which will help increase the value of your project and enhance the experience of your building's occupants, WELL pricing is designed to ensure you receive a comprehensive and robust package of support services throughout the WELL Certification process.



Upon registration, project teams gain access to WELL Online, a comprehensive WELL Certification platform, and individualized support from IWBI’s Technical Solutions teams at no extra cost to help you create and implement WELL program solutions tailored to your project needs and the level of certification you are pursuing. This supports our “all projects in” approach to WELL Certification.

IWBI Technical Solutions coaching and support

Once you’re on the path to WELL Certification, from beginning to end, your project team and service providers have access to IWBI’s Technical Solutions team to help coach you through elements of the WELL process, including feature interpretation and AAP submissions.

Documentation review

Comprehensive review round where GBCI-verified professionals verify building design components and provide feedback and assistance in ensuring a successful process. Expedited options are available.

Performance verification, on-site evaluation & testing

Once your project is ready for performance verification, an on-site evaluation and testing is conducted by a GBCI-verified professional that specializes in testing for WELL buildings. A visual inspection of the minimum required features is conducted. Technical measuring of air, water, lighting, acoustics, thermal and other additional elements are gathered and sent to approved laboratories for review. Please refer to the Performance Verification Guidebook for a detailed summary of services performed. Performance verification, on-site evaluation & testing is not included for the WELL Community Standard. Please contact for any questions related to the WELL Community Standard.


Upon achieving Certification, projects receive an in-depth score report, and their certification status is updated on the WELL project directory.

Comprehensive marketing and public relations support

Certified projects are connected to IWBI’s marketing and public relations teams for comprehensive promotional opportunities exclusively available to WELL Certified projects. IWBI provides a tool kit including information on WELL plaques, certificates, logos and imagery, project directory listings, opportunities for IWBI-developed project case studies, and more.



Registration fees

Registration fee is paid at the time of project registration in WELL Online, and range from $1,500 to $10,000 depending on the project type and size.

  Project size ?
Project Type 50,000 sq ft or less Above 50k and up to 500,000 sq ft Exceeding 500,000 sq ft
New and Existing Buildings $2,500 $6,500 $10,000
New and Existing Interiors $1,800 $5,500 $9,000
New and Existing Interiors in Core and Shell Building $1,800 $5,500 $9,000
Core and Shell $1,500 $4,000 $6,500
Pilots $1,800 $5,500 $9,000
Communities $20,000

WELL Certification Program and Support

Please refer to our calculator for a pricing quote for your project, which includes:

  • IWBI Technical Solutions coaching and support
  • Documentation review
  • On-site evaluation & testing
  • Performance verification* & certification
  • Comprehensive marketing & public relations support


*Performance verification is not included for the WELL Community Standard. Please contact for any questions.

Early Adopter Discount Program: IWBI is currently offering WELL pricing to reward early adopters and leaders of the healthy building movement. To take advantage of this special pricing, we encourage projects to register and continue the momentum of the wellness real estate movement. We encourage you to leverage our new easy-to-use pricing calculator, create an estimate, register your project with WELL Online and get WELL Certified™!.

Access the WELL pricing calculator

Precertification fees (optional)

This is an optional review pathway available to all project types for a fee. The Precertification review is focused on the intended design, construction, and operational strategies for the project. WELL Precertification allows project owners to demonstrate health and wellness in the built environment, market the proposed wellness features of a project to potential tenants looking to occupy the WELL-certified space, and determine which features the project is likely to achieve during the full WELL certification review.

Pricing for WELL Precertification is a flat rate as follows:

Project Type List Price Early Adopter Discount Offered price
All project types $15,000 33.33% $10,000

  • Precertification fees are due at the time that the Precertification application is submitted for review in WELL Online
  • Early adopter discounts are only valid for projects that register on WELL Online and submit all required and complete accompanying documentation for GBCI review within two years of the date on which the project was registered.

Alternative Adherence Path Fees

Each project receives three Alternative Adherence Path submissions at no additional cost. Subsequent AAP submissions are subject to a fee. There is no limit on the number of AAPs that can be submitted per project.


Formal Inquiries
Project AAPs $220/feature

Recertification Fees

All fees pertaining to any recertification of an existing WELL Certified project will be calculated on the dates on which they are incurred and invoiced as they are incurred.

  Project size ?
Project Type 50,000 sq ft or less Above 50k and up to 500,000 sq ft Exceeding 500,000 sq ft
incrementally applied for sq ft above 500,000 sq ft.
New and Existing Buildings $6,525 $0.17/sq ft $0.14/sq ft
New and Existing Interiors $5,800 $0.15/sq ft $0.12/sq ft
Core & Shell $3,770 $0.07/sq ft $0.05/sq ft
New and Existing Interiors in Core and Shell Building $5,075 $0.13/sq ft $0.09/sq ft
Pilots $5,800 $0.15/sq ft $0.12/sq ft


All fees are subject to change and are calculated on the dates on which they are incurred, provided, however that to the extent a project submits its application, including all required and complete accompanying documentation, for review on or before the second year anniversary of the date on which the project was registered, the certification and performance verification fees applicable to that project will be those in effect as of the project registration date. To the extent a project submits its application and accompanying documentation after the second year anniversary of the project registration date, that project will be responsible for all fee increases, if any, and will be charged the then-current fees as they are incurred.


In addition to the fees, IWBI will collect applicable sales or use taxes, if any, as required by law. The fees set forth above do not include fees for optional services, such as the review of requests for alternative compliance paths or innovation features, the review and approval of curative action plans, or the undertaking of appeals.

For any questions regarding WELL fees, please contact