Fahr LLC / NGCA Offices

San Francisco, CA, USA
Fahr LLC

Fahr LLC oversees several environmental organizations; its purpose is to shepherd these organizations and assist them in building solid frameworks that support and pursue environmental issues and policies. The client was determined to create a non-hierarchical and visually open environment; the co-founder has had a career-long practice of sitting alongside employees, not behind closed doors. As a result, all conference spaces are visually transparent, and the shared partner office has no doors; one enters by passing between frameless, floor-to-ceiling clear glass partitions. Where the building core is not in the way, one can look straight through the entire floor plate.

The existing building’s concrete frame was completely exposed, and the perimeter walls, with their tall, operable, double-hung windows left free of new construction; a minimalist approach which served not only to reduce the construction budget, but the amount of landfill in the future as well. Spatial order is achieved though a series of parallel, east-west bands of ceiling clouds, reinforced by the carpeting, that alternate open circulation and programmed spaces. The acoustical ceiling clouds are made from locally harvested eucalyptus wood, while the circulation bands are open to the exposed building structure and services above. Fahr is registered to pursue WELL Pilot Certification.

Photo credit: ©Bruce Damonte