A global benchmark for healthy communities

An adaptable district-scale program to support your community’s health and wellness

Putting people first

The WELL Community Standard™ pilot builds upon the WELL Building Standard™ and aims to impact individuals throughout the public spaces where they spend their days. A WELL community functions to protect health and well-being across all aspects of community life. The vision for a WELL community is inclusive, integrated and resilient, fostering high levels of social engagement.
  • Promote health & well-being

  • Adaptability & flexibility

  • Attract more people

Certification tailored for your project

  1. 1

    Tailor to your unique project needs with a custom scorecard.

  2. 2
    Documentation review & WELL Precertification

    We give you and your project a support team to help
    enable to walk together towards success.

  3. 3
    Performance verification & certification

    After a successful review your project now has
    WELL Community Certification.

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Frequently asked questions

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Building healthy and sustainable communities

We recognize the fundamental role individual buildings play in creating healthy and sustainable communities. Check out our list of health and sustainability rating systems approved for inclusion in the WELL Community Standard.

Additional resources

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