Put people first

WELL v1 offers a framework to help improve health and well-being for everyone that visits, works in, or experiences your building.

The value of WELL

Wellness is the next trillion dollar industry. WELL can help you play an integral role and reap the following benefits:
  • Prioritize health

    We spend about 90% of our time indoors, and our physical environment impacts our health more than lifestyle, medical care and genetics. For companies, investing in people and helping to improve their physical and mental health is common sense: 90% of corporate expenses are tied to salary and benefits, which means the ROI of healthier and happier employees extends to cost-savings, too.

  • Take a verified approach

    WELL has been vetted through a comprehensive, expert peer review process spanning scientific, practitioner and medical phases - and reflects up-to-date, verified knowledge in the health and wellness sector. The WELL differentiator is performance verification: a data-driven, on-site, third-party assessment of your project to ensure compliance with the standard.

  • Meet your goals

    After meeting required preconditions in WELL, select from optional optimization features to advance the healthy building strategies that are most important to you. WELL works in conjunction with global green building rating systems like LEED, BREEAM, GreenStar and Living Building Challenge to enhance building performance for human health and our environment - which we know are intrinsically linked.

For all projects

WELL v1 can be applied across many different project types and building sectors, from entire communities to brand new restaurants to office building renovations.

WELL v1 categories

Resources for impact

Read the latest on WELL, attend events and read tips on applying WELL for your project or company.

    The path to WELL v1 Certification

    To learn more about the certification process for buildings, follow the process below