Introducing WELL coaching contacts: Who we are and how we can help you

Introducing WELL coaching contacts: Who we are and how we can help you

Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Madeleine Evans

WELL Certification

Do you feel like you’re hitting a roadblock in a project or you’re struggling with a step in the certification process? Meet your WELL coaching contact. We’re proud to announce that all WELL projects will now be paired with a WELL coaching contact from a member of IWBI’s Market Solutions team. Your WELL coaching contact will be your point person to help you, as the WELL AP, navigate the certification process smoothly, overcome challenges, brainstorm solutions and inspire effective implementation of WELL.

Interested in learning more? Check out our guide to WELL coaching:

Who are the main players in the WELL certification process?

A project administrator manages the WELL certification process and works directly with the assigned coaching contact, as well as with the project owner and the various team members, which are designated by a project team upon registration on WELL Online.

WELL coaching contacts are introduced to project administrators within a week of paid registration to help guide projects through the WELL certification process. They can answer questions, share helpful resources and tools and provide thoughtful feedback and direction over the course of the certification process.

A WELL Reviewer from Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI), WELL’s third-party certification body, is assigned after a project’s documentation submission. The WELL Reviewer’s scope is to ensure that the project has met WELL’s requirements by reviewing documentation and either conducting on-site testing/visual inspection (for WELL v1 projects) or reviewing the performance data and information submitted by the project's performance testing agent (for v2 projects). WELL Community Standard projects follow a process similar to that for WELL v2 projects where the WELL Reviewer reviews documentation as well as submitted performance data and information. For more information on the role of a WELL Reviewer as well as performance testing agents, please see the Certification Guidebook.

Meet your WELL coaching contacts

WELL coaching contacts are members of IWBI’s Market Solutions team. The Market Solutions team works to empower and build the capacity of the WELL AP community globally, through direct project team technical assistance and the development of resources that support WELL certification and the integration of wellness into buildings and communities across the globe.

Name: Jessica Cooper

Background: Interior design, sustainability

How I live WELL: Surrounding myself with plants in my urban apartment, eating a vegetable heavy diet and regularly visiting my local yoga studio. I also do my best to incorporate these practices while traveling for work, and have thus practiced yoga all around the world.

Name: Jaclyn Whitaker

Background: Architecture, sustainability consulting

How I live WELL: Community gardening, reducing toxins in my home, hiking, camping and hitting the gym. before work.


Name: Jane Zhang

Background: Sustainable design, environmental risk analysis 

How I live WELL: Hiking, eating healthy food, going yoga and using a standing desk at work. 

Name: Karen Quintana

Background: Design project management, public health administration

How I live WELL: Tracking my personal purpose daily, finding creative outlets and balancing my food choices.

Name: Kate Rube

Background: Urban planning, active design, public policy

How I live WELL: Eating lots of fruit and vegetables, walking everywhere and playing in NYC's public spaces with my daughter and friends.

Name: Liz Miles

Background: Public policy and health, non-profit, property management

How I live WELL: Doing yoga, exercising, meditating (in nature whenever possible), eating whole and balanced meals, practicing gratitude and spending quality time with family and friends.

Name: Madeleine Evans

Background: Environmental science, sustainability, human health

How I live WELL: Volunteering with different organizations around NYC, exercising in the morning before work and cooking at home.

Name: Mei Xu

Background: Sustainable design, mechanical engineering

How I live WELL: Drinking lots of water, doing yoga and running in the morning.

Name: Melanie Koch

Background: Public health, environmental health

How I live WELL: Taking group fitness classes around NYC, maximizing my time outdoors and prioritizing sleep.

Name: Melissa Wrolstad

Background: Engineering, sustainability consulting

How I live WELL: Walking for transportation, surrounding myself with biophilia (and taking care of the IWBI office plants), and eating veggies.

Name: Sarah Welton

Background: Real estate finance, urban planning, public health

How I live WELL: Swimming, biking, running and eating nourishing and delicious food.

Name: Shalini Ramesh

Background: Architecture, landscape architecture, building performance, urban scale energy modeling

How I live WELL: Strength training at least 3 times a week and eating lots of fruit and homemade meals.

Name: Tori Shepherd

Background: Interior design, environmental science, urban ecology

How I live WELL: Exercising and playing volleyball, spending as much time outside as I can, cooking healthy meals and trying new foods.

Name: Yan Gao

Background: Architecture, sustainable building, interior design

How I live WELL: Walking everyday, taking public transportation, drinking water, eating lots of vegetables and treating myself to my favorite salad on the weekend.


WELL coaching support

Here's what you can expect from your WELL coaching contact throughout the certification process:

Want to hear more about the WELL coaching program? Listen to our Project Support Webcast here.