Introducing WELL D&O, a new way to support your WELL achievements

Introducing WELL D&O, a new way to support your WELL achievements

Monday, November 12, 2018

WELL Certification

With the launch of the WELL v2™ Pilot at the end of May 2018, IWBI also announced plans to create a new optional designation called WELL Design & Operations (WELL D&O), an interim achievement to help projects celebrate their progress with WELL prior to reaching the certification milestone.  We’re excited to share more details about this new designation and how it can benefit you on your WELL journey! Read on to learn more and get started.

What is WELL D&O? How will it benefit my project?

Projects registered for WELL v2 may opt for an early phase of review in order to receive the WELL D&O designation. This interim achievement in the WELL Certification process can help projects outwardly communicate their progress toward achieving WELL Certification, and provide greater confidence that the design, operational intents, and/or existing conditions of the space will meet WELL requirements in advance of documentation review and performance verification. WELL D&O is a mark of achievement in and of itself that helps project teams communicate their commitment to achieving WELL Certification to key stakeholders like potential tenants, residents or employees, instilling confidence for what’s to come.

WELL D&O is available to all WELL v2 projects and can be achieved by both existing projects and those that will be newly constructed or renovated. Projects that earn WELL D&O can use the WELL D&O mark, pictured at the top of this article, to promote their accomplishment on marketing materials.


Projects can pursue WELL D&O any time prior to submitting WELL documentation for review. The difference between WELL D&O and documentation review is that the former allows for the submission of feature documentation that demonstrates project intentions or plans, instead of as-implemented conditions.

In order to achieve WELL D&O, projects will take the following steps: 

  1. Submit documentation for targeted WELL features that reflects one of the following: ​

    • Operational commitments and design intents (intent-stage documents)

    • Implemented conditions (implementation-stage documents)

    • A combination of intent-stage documents and implementation-stage documents

  2. While projects are permitted to submit documentation for additional features (up to 100 points), the WELL D&O designation does not reflect different levels of achievement (i.e. Silver, Gold or Platinum). The documentation must demonstrate compliance with all WELL v2 preconditions and include an adequate number of optimization points to reach the minimum level of WELL Certification as follows:

    1. WELL Core projects must achieve 40 points, with at least one point in each concept

    2. All other projects must achieve at least 50 points, with at least two points in each concept

  3. After WELL D&O documentation is submitted, the WELL reviewer will assess the documentation and provide comments within 20-25 business days. If additional documentation or clarification is required, the project will have the opportunity to respond accordingly and the WELL reviewer will conduct a second review (also 20-25 business days).

  4. Once the documentation has been reviewed and approved, the project will be awarded the WELL D&O designation, which remains active until either the project achieves certification or its registration expires.

Projects that have any implementation-stage documentation approved for WELL D&O do not need to re-submit this information during documentation review unless the relevant project conditions have since changed. However, all approved WELL D&O intent-stage documentation must be updated to reflect as-implemented project conditions at this stage. Projects are also welcome to pursue additional features at the time of documentation review for WELL Certification in an effort to achieve a higher level of certification, even if these features were not a part of the original WELL D&O submission.


Ready to get started? Learn more about WELL D&O pricing by visiting our WELL v2 pricing page. Please note that if a project requires additional review of WELL D&O documentation (beyond the first two rounds of review), then it will be subject to an additional nominal fee.


Projects pursuing WELL D&O can submit their documentation for review through WELL Online, the same place in which documents are submitted for documentation review for WELL Certification.

For more information WELL D&O and access to related resources, please check out:

WELL Certification Guidebook


Intent-stage letters of assurance and commitment templates can be accessed through the WELL Online scorecard builder.