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Getting involved with the WELL community signals to employees, clients and your community that their health is your priority.

Become a WELL Faculty member

WELL Faculty members play a leading role in our movement to transform the places where we live, learn, work, play. Our WELL Faculty members possess the depth of knowledge and breadth of experience that make them highly sought after presenters, instructors and facilitators. Benefits include:
  • Connectivity to a global network of professionals pioneering a new frontier of healthy buildings

  • Visibility at events and client engagements

  • Direct access to instructional resources, monthly faculty briefings and a faculty training program


To apply as WELL Faculty, applicants must possess:

Become a WELL Faculty Member

  1. 1


    We want to know about your successful teaching experiences and work with WELL projects.

  2. 2


    Update your resume and get creative about showcasing your expertise and passion for advancing the WELL mission through videos, presentations or client testimonials.

  3. 3


    Create a WELL online account to complete your application. You’ll hear back from the WELL team about the status of your application, two to four weeks after you submit.

  4. 4


    Receive approval, submit the $500 annual fee and celebrate your new leadership role in the WELL community.

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