A Global Community of WELL Champions

Become a WELL Faculty

Join the network of trailblazers leading the movement to advance health and well-being in buildings and communities across the world. WELL Faculty are world-renowned instructors, teachers and facilitators with a passion for wellness that cuts across sectors, cultures and geographies.

What makes a WELL Faculty

  • Demonstrated subject matter expertise in a diversity of fields and disciplines related to health and wellness

  • Interest and passion for their own health and wellness and that of others

  • Eagerness to nurture and grow the next generation of WELL APs and WELL champions

  • Proficiency in spearheading workshops, events and symposiums on behalf of IWBI

Application checklist

  1. 1

    Carefully review program benefits and eligibility

  2. 2

    Provide a list of your appearances as the lead presenter or co-presenter

  3. 3

    Document your experience implementing the WELL Building Standard

  4. 4

    Indicate your willingness to travel to lead WELL events

  5. 5

    Review and submit application

WELL Faculty


  • Possess a WELL AP credential or equivalent
  • Demonstrate subject matter expertise and/or WELL project experience
  • Demonstrate confidence in public speaking
  • Maintain passion for advancing the WELL movement through best-in-class education
WELL Faculty


  • Connectivity to a global network of professionals pioneering a new frontier of wellness
  • Visibility at events and client engagements
  • Participation in monthly Faculty briefings and symposiums
  • Use of the WELL Faculty designation to distinguish yourself from industry experts
  • Exclusive access to online education and training modules
  • Attendance at in-person WELL Faculty training and events

Frequently Asked Questions