WELL AP credential: What you should know about the process

WELL AP credential: What you should know about the process

Wednesday, June 10, 2015
/ By:
Julie Skodowski


GBCI needs your help to develop the WELL AP credential. This new professional credential will help scale and educate the market on the WELL Building Standard. What is involved in the process of creating the WELL AP?

  1. Conception: First, the conception stage brings together leading experts in the fields of design, health, and wellness, known as the WELL AP Advisory Committee. This committee is responsible for creating content areas that become the groundwork on which the exam is built.
  2. Validation: Second, the validation stage enlists the help of a wider group of subject matter experts that review the content areas and their importance in relation to each other through the WELL AP Job Analysis Survey. The survey offers transparency and gives experts in the health, design, and wellness fields an opportunity to contribute to the WELL AP credential. The survey results are gathered to create a blueprint, which outlines weight distribution for exam questions for each content area.
  3. Development: Once the blueprint is finalized, it is used to write actual questions that appear on the exam through the development stage. With expert consensus, a well-rounded beta exam is created and launched for the WELL AP credential. The exam is finalized and placed into the testing platform for the aspiring WELL AP candidates.

The WELL AP exam is an important tool for all sustainability professionals looking to engage with health and wellness in the built environment. If you would like to contribute as a subject matter expert to help write or review test questions that will shape the first generation of WELL APs, contact us at education@wellcertified.com to get involved. Take the WELL AP Job Analysis Survey For more information, visit wellcertified.com.