WELL tip: Planning your project? There’s a timeline tool for that


WELL tip: Planning your project? There’s a timeline tool for that

Monday, March 13, 2017
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Kathryn Tart


Planning to pursue WELL Certification? Wonderful. Welcome to the movement!

To better support you in planning your WELL Certification process, estimating milestones and aligning resources, we’re pleased to release a new timeline calculator. This digital resource will help you forecast the various stages of WELL Certification, and prepare and plan accordingly.

Access the new calculator now, and read on for detailed information about the project timeline.


Documentation review

After design and construction, the first step in the WELL review process is documentation review, an important step that helps ensure your project meets all of the basic WELL requirements. You’ll begin by submitting your documentation application to your WELL Assessor for review.

Documentation review must be completed and all documentation must be approved before you schedule your performance verification site visit (your next step). This sets your project up for success during performance verification, and helps to resolve any potential issues before you take on this next step.

All documentation receives two rounds of review via a preliminary and final documentation review. The timeline for the preliminary review is 20-25 business days. After the preliminary documentation review, your WELL Assessor will provide you with a report outlining the documentation that has been approved and any additional clarifications that might be needed.

If no clarifications are needed on the documentation, then you may move on to scheduling your performance verification site visit, the next step in achieving WELL Certification.

If clarifications are needed, the requested clarification documentation may be submitted for the final documentation review. The timeline for the final review is also 20-25 business days. If all documentation is approved after the final documentation review, you can move on to performance verification.

Performance verification scheduling

Once the documentation has been approved, you can let your WELL Assessor know that you are ready to schedule the performance verification. When scheduling, the WELL Assessor may ask for some additional information about your project (such as the exact number of drinking water fixtures, or the ability to turn the sound masking system on and off). This additional information is important for completing all of the performance tests while on-site.

The WELL Assessor will also ask that a representative from your project team be present on-site during the performance verification.

Once the WELL Assessor has all of the necessary information, he or she will coordinate with the necessary third party laboratories for total VOC, formaldehyde, radon, and water contaminants (inorganic contaminants, organic contaminants, agricultural contaminants, public water additives, and metals) evaluation, and make sure that all necessary equipment for the site visit is set up.

Typically, it takes three to four weeks after documentation review to confirm, schedule and complete performance verification. A significant amount of coordination occurs during this interim, including managing schedules of your project team and your WELL Assessor, making arrangements with the various laboratories and scheduling travel. The performance verification may be able to take place sooner if conditions allow.

WELL report

After the performance verification site visit is complete, you will receive your results in 40-45 business days. This allows the WELL Assessor to analyze the results that are received back from the laboratories for the total VOC, formaldehyde, radon, and water samples.

WELL Certification

If your WELL report indicates that you’ve met all requirements, that means you’ve successfully achieved WELL Certification! You’ll gain access to marketing and public relations materials and opportunities to support your announcement and celebrate your achievement, and your project’s certification status will be updated in the official WELL project directory.