WELL wishes for a happy, healthy, and inspired holiday

WELL wishes for a happy, healthy, and inspired holiday

Tuesday, December 18, 2018
/ By:
Rick Fedrizzi

Letters from Rick

Given all the things that have happened this crazy year, the release of the “words of the year” lists from the various sources, has only served to underscore the dark mood of the times. Toxic.  Rage.  Misinformation. The list goes on.

Can I lodge a formal protest?

Because this is the time of year when we need to be focusing on the words, not to mention the thoughts and deeds, that can brighten our days and provide a brief respite for our battered spirits.

Words like blessings. Gratitude.  Optimism.  Mercy.  Truth.

Words matter because they are how we articulate what’s on our minds and in our hearts. They are how we frame our future.

Talk of a “green new deal” has reignited the imagination of millions across the planet, it may be that we have a new spark to reignite our pressing work on climate change.  

And I am deeply grateful that the words health and well-being have taken on new life this year.

At a time when the world needs all the help it can get, a time when we as individuals and families and nations need to focus on what can lift us up, make us healthier, improve the quality of every life, the work we do has taken on outsized importance. It is truly something to celebrate.

Let’s use this as a way to take back the narrative of possibility and hope. Let’s let transparency and justice and good will towards men and women everywhere define who we strive to be and the work we set out to do.

And let’s do it with one voice raised in loud harmony, pooling our talent and our knowledge, our diversity and our commonality, our grit and determination to make a difference. Because words matter. And so do we.

Let’s make this a season of optimism and hope - of giving back, and giving well. Happy holidays to you and your families, and a special thanks to those who protect and serve. And on behalf of all of us at IWBI, WELL wishes to everyone for a peaceful and happy New Year.

WELL wishes