Your guide to Q2 2018 addenda

Your guide to Q2 2018 addenda

Thursday, June 14, 2018
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Rachel Gutter


Warm weather is finally here, and we’ve got a spring in our step with the release of the Q2 2018 WELL Building Standard™ (WELL™) addenda. The Q1 2018 addenda cycle published a wealth of equivalencies and further feature language clarifications. The Q2 2018 addenda releases nearly 30 equivalencies, and as always includes further clarifications to feature language for the WELL Building Standard and WELL Community Standard™ pilot.

Addenda are changes and improvements to WELL to help clarify, amend, interpret or provide alternative language for requirements. We allow projects to upgrade any individual feature to any version of the addenda that occurred after their registration date.

Among the changes included in this addenda release, we’re pleased to introduce:

  • Amendments, equivalencies and alternative adherence paths that make it more feasible for projects to achieve WELL Certification.
  • Clarifications to language in the WELL Building Standard and WELL Building Standard pilot programs, including the WELL Community Standard, to address questions and points of confusion raised by the WELL user community.
  • Addition of scope designations for all features in Core & Shell projects.
  • A new WELL Performance Verification Guidebook for the WELL Community Standard.
  • A new WELL Certification Guidebook for the WELL Community Standard.

We’ve included an overview below on key components of the Q2 2018 addenda release. To learn more about the addenda process and the changes included in this round, please watch our pre-recorded Q2 addenda webcast.

Q2 Addenda Webcast

Have questions? Registered projects can reach out to their WELL coaching contact, and all others should contact the technical team behind WELL at

Thank you for working alongside us to shape the evolution of WELL. Your feedback is essential to our success. Please continue to provide your thoughts and expertise as we strive to improve your WELL experience.

Q2 2018 addenda highlights: 

Alternative adherence paths

New alternative adherence paths, to provide new pathways for project teams:


A total of 29 equivalencies have been published, including:

  • 20 for Air
  • 4 for Comfort
  • 3 for Nourishment 
  • 2 for Mind


Below are some amendment highlights from the Q2 2018 addenda:

WELL Community Standard

  • “Representative sample” defined for post-occupancy surveys.
  • More robust criteria provided for site remediation and redevelopment.
  • Confirmed that Health/Wellness certified buildings may gain up to 30 points.
  • Clarified that for the purpose of counting certified buildings, a building is considered “certified” if at least 75 percent of its total area is certified.
  • New Certification Guidebook and Performance Verification Guidebook released for the WELL Community Standard.