Nathan Stodola

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Nathan Stodola

Chief Engineer, Standard Development

International WELL Building Institute
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New York, New York
WELL Faculty

Nathan Stodola serves the product development team at the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). This group develops the WELL Building Standard, certification and process guidebooks, WELLography educational materials, and WELL AP credentialing program. Nathan manages the Well Building Standard, including pilot programs for new building sectors, and is a member of the WELL AP Advisory Committee. Prior to being named Vice President at IWBI, he worked as Executive Director at Delos Labs with a research focus on how light intensity, spectrum, and concentration affect visual comfort and the body’s circadian rhythms. Before joining Delos in 2011, Nathan worked in a variety of disciplines. At the University Transportation Research Council at City College, Nathan designed a detailed quantitative tool to help the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council create federally required Regional Transportation Plans. As a researcher at the Earth Institute at Columbia University, he investigated the potential for increased solar energy deployment based on correlations in the timing of electricity consumption and sunlight across the United States. Nathan also worked at the Clever Fellows Innovation Consortium, testing and designing thermoacoustic (sound-powered) ultra low-temperature refrigerators. Nathan holds Master of Science degrees in mechanical engineering (Columbia University) and transportation engineering (City College). He received his Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Union College, with a minor in music.

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